Big news out of Maryland!

Fight For $15

The Fight for $15 is heating up in Baltimore. The Baltimore City Council will decide next month whether to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Council President Jack Young has pledged to fight the proposal, and Maryland Working Families is pushing back to help pass the bill and lift workers out of poverty. Read about our campaign here:

WBaltTV 11 – $15 minimum wage proposal moves ahead in Baltimore City

Fox 45 News – City Council committee approves phasing in $15 hourly minimum wage by 2022

Baltimore City Council panel approves $15 minimum wage bill

Equal Pay

Check out Maryland Working Families’ Executive Director and Senator Susan C. Lee’s op-ed on Congressman Andrew Harris’ attack on Maryland’s equal pay law.

Congressman Harris is standing against Maryland values and equal pay

Port Convington

Would you give $500 million to the CEO of Under Armour with no strings attached? The Port Covington TIF would do just that while taking much needed money away from Baltimore’s working families. Maryland Working Families is pushing for a TIF that gets public input and works to build a Baltimore that works for everyone. Learn more here:

Baltimore Brew – Critics: Port Covington deal financially risky, worsens segregation

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