Our 2016 Endorsements!

Oregon_votersThe WFP has had a huge summer so far, and we’re just starting to kick off election season! After over 1,500 WFP members temporarily registered as Democrats to vote for Bernie Sanders in Oregon’s closed primaries, we kicked off a huge voter registration drive to get back our voters and save our party status.

We did it! Now, we’re proud to announce our 2016 slate of WFP nominees!

We held WFP voter caucuses around the state to evaluate candidates and identify the strongest progressive champions running for office in Oregon up and down the ballot. We asked the candidates about their stance on a range of progressive priorities, from the fight for a fair workweek and paid family leave to criminal justice reform, affordable housing, ending climate change and making sure that all Oregon kids have healthcare coverage — regardless of their immigration status.

We believe that building progressive political power starts from the ground up, and continues long after the presidential election is over. That’s why we’re building a bench of progressive champions up and down the ballot.

Can you chip in $3 to help elect our slate of progressive champions?

We’re taking on Senator Ron Wyden with WFP stand-alone candidate Shanti Lewallen over the TPP. We’re cross-nominating progressive candidates for the Oregon Legislature from around the state. And, we’re endorsing non-partisan candidates for local office that will be champions for affordable housing and a fair workweek in their cities.

Here’s what some of our WFP nominees had to say:

Brad Avakian for Secretary of State says:

“As a civil rights and labor lawyer, legislator and Labor commissioner, I have always fought to protect the right to organize and bargain. I will continue to strongly and publicly oppose any effort to roll back workers’ rights, including the out of state effort on so-called “right to work.”

Ken Moore, a former handy-man and small family farmer is running a strong race to pick up House District 24 in conservative-held Yamhill County. Ken boldly stands for progressive issues in a tough district:

“Being the Working Families Party candidate will help communicate to voters my commitment to enacting policies of fairness and opportunity for working families. I will be a champion of labor and workers’ rights, and I believe in providing access to excellent education, affordable housing and investment in job training.”

Teresa Alonso-Leon, is an immigrant, former farmworker, and former Woodburn City Council member running against right-wing extremist Patti Milne to represent Woodburn. Teresa will be the first person of color to represent the predominantly Latino House District 22.

“Many constituents in my district work in low-wage no-benefit jobs, and I believe that they deserve a representative who will fight to give them security and stability in their wages, hours, and benefits. With the support of the Working Families Party I believe that I can make a real change as a state representative.”

Check out our full list of WFP nominees and endorsements here. Or scroll below.

US Senate: Shanti Lewallen
US 4th Congressional District: Peter DeFazio

Governor: Kate Brown
Secretary of State: Brad Avakian
Attorney General: Ellen Rosenblum

State Senate
District 5: Arnie Roblan
District 21: Kathleen Taylor
District 22: Lew Frederick
District 23: Michael Dembrow
District 25: Laurie Monnes Anderson
District 27: Greg Delgado

State House
District 1: Terry Brayer
District 5: Pam Marsh
District 8: Paul Holvey
District 11: Phil Barnhart
District 14: Julie Fahey
District 18: Tom Kane
District 20: Paul Evans
District 22: Teresa Alonso-Leon
District 23: Jim Thompson
District 24: Ken Moore
District 26: Ray Lister
District 27: Sheri Malstrom
District 28: Jeff Barker
District 29: Susan McLain
District 30: Janeen Sollman
District 34: Ken Helm
District 35: Margaret Doherty
District 36: Jennifer Williamson
District 37: Paul Carlos Southwick
District 38: Ann Lininger
District 41: Karin Power
District 42: Rob Nosse
District 44: Tina Kotek
District 45: Barbara Smith Warner
District 46: Alissa Keny-Guyer
District 47: Diego Hernandez
District 50: Carla Piluso
District 51: Janelle Bynum
District 52: Mark Reynolds
District 54: Gena Goodman Campbell

Local Endorsements:
Portland City Council: Steve Novick
Multnomah County Commission: Sharon Meieran
Eugene City Council: Joshua Skov
Mayor of Hillsboro: Aron Carleson

Ballot Measures:
Yes on 97