Brittney Miller: WFP Superhero

This sentence makes my blood pressure rise: “Do more, with less.”

In today’s economy, we’re always strapped — strapped for time, strapped for resources, sapped of energy. We feel called to correct injustices, put right societal wrongs, with little more help than our creativity and each other.brittney_miller_hero

Brittney Miller has been an elementary public school teacher in Las Vegas for 7 years. And each year, the state legislature tells her and every other teacher: “Do more, with less.”

Brittney Miller is running as a Bernie Sanders-endorsed candidate for State Assembly in the Las Vegas area. Her Republican opponent is from one of the richest families in Nevada and is mostly self-funding his campaign.

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Her opponent has almost unlimited resources. He’s funding his campaign with his own personal wealth and is completely disconnected from the struggles of people who actually have to work for a living. He’s never had to do more, with less in his life.

Brittney Miller’s grassroots campaign is built from her own community. She’s been endorsed by education advocates, labor unions, veteran’s groups, and of course Bernie Sanders. That’s why Brittney Miller is a WFP Superhero. She’ll hit the ground running, but first she needs to win.

You can make a big splash in Nevada politics and the public education debate just by chipping in $3 directly to Brittney Miller’s campaign. Click here to help her win.