Fair Work Week Resolution Passes in Portland!


Workers in Portland won the first victory in the fight for a Fair Work Week in Oregon!

Last week, the Portland City Council unanimously passed a resolution recognizing that unfair, last-minute scheduling practices are bad for workers and their families, and encouraging employers to implement fair scheduling practices. The resolution is a victory, but it’s just the first step. We’re building the momentum that we need to win a Fair Work Week policy statewide.

Commissioner Steve Novick, who introduced the resolution, had this to say:

“The practice of scheduling people for random shifts with little input from workers makes it impossible for workers to organize their lives, arrange for child care, or commit to college classes. That is not what a fair work week looks like.”

Jessica, a working mom who bravely shared her story said:

“How can I get my kids to school when I have to catch a bus at 5:00 am? How can I feed them or help with homework when I was scheduled for a shift that was supposed to end at 9:00 pm, but would often go until 2:00 or 3:00 am?”

After hearing testimony from workers and businesses that support fair scheduling, Commissioner Nick Fish said:

“This seems like common sense. Fair scheduling is good for employers and employees. It’s great when a policy can hit that sweet spot.”

Do you agree that working families need a Fair Work Week? Add your name!

Fair Work Week policies have been passing in cities around the country. Together, we can make Oregon the first state to win a Fair Work Week statewide.