General Election Endorsements and Update

Marcia Ranglin-Vassell and Jason Knight are two of the great champions for working families that won their primaries in September. Now, the conservative incumbents they beat are waging write in campaigns against them in November citing their ability to get votes from Trump voters and the NRA. So we need to prove yet again that values like $15 minimum wage and paid sick days are what voters actually want. Help us win for Marcia and Jason on November 8th.

We also have some awesome opportunities this month to defend progressive champions that have been serving in the State House and to win some new seats. Here is the list of the other WFP endorsed candidates with races hanging in the balance of November 8th:


Margaux Morriseau (SD-21) lead the fight against the predatory practice of payday lending.

Cathie Cool-Rumsey (SD-34) has been a Senator before and she was always a champion for reducing income inequality.

Rep. David Bennett (HD-20) is an SEIU member and a champion for raising the minimum wage.

Evan Shanley (HD-24) is a labor lawyer running for the open seat previously held the chair of Rhode Island’s Trump Campaign.

Anthony Paolino (HD-26) is an advocate for veterans taking on the ringleader of the far-right legislators.

Rep. Kathy Fogarty (HD-35) has been a powerful voice for working families in her first term.

Larry Valencia (HD-39) is an advocate for open and accountable government.

Rep. Jean Phillipe Barros (HD-59) is a champion for voter access and democracy.

Susan Donovan (HD-69) is a tremendous advocate for public health, education, and paid sick days.

Rep. Lauren Carson (HD-70) is a leader on environmental justice.

Linda Finn (HD-72) is a champion for early childhood education and for sensible gun reform.

Join us to help them win their election. Come phone bank with us every Tuesday and Wednesday night at our office or join us to knock on doors on the weekends.

Together, we can make November 8th another evening of great wins for working families champions.

P.S. Don’t forget to join the party! Our First Annual Celebration is November 1st at 5:30 pm.