Bernie to NY: “Vote for Hillary Clinton on the Working Families Party line”

Bernie Sanders sent the below message to New Yorkers explaining why it is so important that New York progressives come out and vote on the Working Families Party line for Hillary Clinton. Say you’ll be a Working Families voter here, then share Bernie’s message with all of your friends and family to spread the word.


Sisters and Brothers,

There are only three days until the end of this election. I have a special request.

I ask that you not only vote for Hillary Clinton, but that you vote for her on the Working Families Party line.

Why? Because the WFP is the closest thing there is to a political party that believes in my vision of democratic socialism. The WFP shares my view of a society and an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected. We desperately need such organizations in American politics.

The members and leaders of the WFP have led the fight for true campaign finance reform in New York. They have won higher wages, paid sick time, and paid family leave for working people in the Empire State. They helped ban fracking. They have fought the billionaire class from the very first day the Party was formed.

Together with progressives in the Democratic Party, with trade unionists, low-income activists, environmentalists, Occupy, Dreamers, the People’s Climate March, Black Lives Matter, and Our Revolution, the Working Families Party is a powerful force for decency, equality andsustainability.

Let’s vote for Hillary Clinton, but let’s also show the world that we want a political revolution, that we want to transform New York and the nation. And that’s what voting for Secretary Clinton on the WFP line will do.

Please add your name to commit to vote for Secretary Clinton on the Working Families Party line on Tuesday to help the Working Families Party’s power in New York State.

Thank you.

Bernie Sanders