Fight for $15 Solidarity Vigil – National Day of Action

On November 29, 2012, New York City’s fast food workers took to the streets to demand fair pay. On November 29, 2016 we will stand in solidarity with the national Fight for $15 movement and hear the stories of local workers who are fighting for a fair minimum wage.

The Montgomery County Council has a $15 Minimum Wage bill that has been stalled in committee for months. On November 29, as we stand in solidarity with workers around the country, we will call on our local leaders to act quickly to move this bill forward. Now is the time to do the right thing for the workers of our county.

Fight for $15 Solidarity Vigil

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
6:30-8:00 pm
Outside the County Council Building
100 Maryland Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850


Join Maryland Working Families and our friends and allies, plus local leaders and legislators, to raise our voices for a $15 minimum wage by 2020 in Montgomery County. We need you to join us so we send a strong message that a higher wage benefits ALL of us.

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