NYWFP: New York Must Be a Bulwark Against Trumpism

WFP NY State Director Bill Lipton made the following statement in response to the election results:

For the second time in sixteen years, the Electoral College — a mechanism conceived by our Founding Fathers, at least in part, to placate slaveholding states — has delivered the presidency to a candidate who lost the popular vote. At the same time, Republicans will control all branches of government. In addition, Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric and conduct have raised serious concerns about whether he will respect the freedom of the press and the rule of law. The consequences of all this will surely be devastating to millions of working families, especially women, people of color and immigrants.

Here in New York, our first priority must be to draw upon our historic tradition of progressive leadership, and clearly demonstrate that a real alternative is possible. We must become a bulwark against attacks on working people.

Let’s remember that New York, home to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, has been a beacon of hope for immigrants for centuries. That since the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848, we’ve been on the forefront of the struggle for women’s rights. That we’ve led on civil rights, and always defended freedom of worship for all. And that we’ve been an innovator on important social and economic policies such as the expansion of healthcare for the poor.

  • The likely result of last night’s elections for New York State Senate is that Democrats will retain their numerical majority. Given that, we call on the Governor to work with Democratic Senators to reconcile their differences so together, we can demonstrate an alternative to Trumpism:
    Protect a woman’s ability to make her own reproductive decisions here in NY by codifying Roe vs. Wade.
  • Ensure that NY remains a safe haven for immigrants and their families, regardless of immigration status.
  • Take measures to ensure that those who have received health care benefits under the Affordable Care Act are not stripped of coverage.
  • Ensure that our Muslim brothers and sisters enjoy the same protections and freedoms as all other residents.
  • Address voting rights concerns so registering and voting is easy for all New Yorkers including parolees. And reform our broken political system so once again people have faith in government by implementing comprehensive campaign finance reform.

There are many other critically important issues: Criminal justice reform. Climate change. And taxing and regulating Wall Street and the 1% who have wreaked havoc on our economy, so we can make the investments in infrastructure and education we need to create an economy that works for all of us.

Together, we can show there’s a better way.