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NJ Summit

Be part of the movement to rebuild a Post-Christie New Jersey!

For the past 8 years, New Jersey has suffered under an incompetent governor whose greedy policies have constantly put the rich and wealthy first.

Our first step in demanding real change begins with a shared vision. That’s why I’m am excited to invite you to our New Jersey Working Families Take Back the State Summit on November 12, from 10:00 – 1:00pm at Essex County College. Join us as we look forward to building a better and more progressive New Jersey together!
Be part of the movement to TAKE BACK the state! Register for New Jersey Working Families Take Back the State Summit! It’s free to attend.

2017 is New Jersey’s chance to rebuild and organize towards a more progressive state.  One in which a family sustaining minimum wage, true tax fairness, and meeting our obligations to our students, retirees and communities are more than just a dream.  In order to make it happen, we have to organize!

Leaders and advocates from all over New Jersey will gather together to discuss 2017’s policy agenda, and how to hold our leaders accountable to their commitment to New Jersey’s working families.

Topics include:

  • Economic Justice from workplace to home
  • Tax Fairness and Progressive Revenue Raising
  • Civil Rights and Building a more Inclusive Democracy
  • Environmental Justice
  • Education

Register today and help Take Back the Garden State!

Thanks for all you do,
Analilia Mejia
Executive Director