Trump Hotel Workers Protest in DC

DC Working Families Party joined protesters in October outside of Donald Trump’s new hotel, hoisting signs that read, “BOYCOTT TRUMP OLD POST OFFICE HOTEL – TRUMP LAS VEGAS HOTEL MUST NEGOTIATE!” On October 13 and October 26, protesters circled around the entrance of Trump’s luxury hotel, demanding Trump to negotiate with union workers.

Trump had refused to negotiate with the worker’s union, Unite Here, for worker contracts in his hotel /casino in Las Vegas. They are reported to be earning $3 less per hour compared to other workers on the Vegas Strip. Unite Here called for protests and boycotts to Trump’s establishments throughout the country and the DC Working Families Party, along with other organizations and working individuals responded loudly.

Until Trump sits down to negotiate contracts for his unionized workers, protest organizers don’t plan to stop the picketing.

“If you want to be president of the United States, and you want to make America great again, you as an employer have an obligation to sit down with your employees who’ve done the most American thing possible. They have come together as a group and said we want to bargain collectively, work together to make our workplace better. If he refuses to do that, he has no business being president of the United States.”

Jushua Armstead, Unite Here member