Wisconsin Demands Minimum Wage in Senate Debate

October 18 was the final debate between Russ Feingold, and Ron Johnson, for Wisconsin US Senate. Among the things discussed were the Affordable Care Act, immigration, US Supreme Court, and raising the minimum wage. Minimum wage has been a national concern for Working Families Party, and Wisconsin Working Families Party demanded for the candidates’ positions to be exposed during the debate.

In addition to expanding coverage over social media, Wisconsin Working Families Party took it to the streets to let the candidates know that there are voters who support the FightFor15 movement, asking for the minimum wage to be increased to a proper $15 /hour. Wisconsin’s minimum wage is currently at $7.25, a value that is much lower than what a living wage would be, according to an MIT study.

From the debate, we are reaffirmed that Democratic candidate Feingold is a supporter of raising the minimum wage. Feingold is endorsed by Working Families Party and is a strong supporter of the FightFor15 movement. Republican incumbent Johnson only supports the raising of the current minimum wage to compensate for inflation and no further than so. Johnson has also previously expressed that there shouldn’t be a minimum wage in 2014

The seat for US Senate is a six year term and will be up for vote during the general elections next week, Tuesday November 8.