Earned Sick Leave Finally Passes MD General Assembly!

This fight is still not over, but this is a major victory*

We made history this session! After five years of fighting for the 750,000 Marylanders unable to earn a single paid sick day, House Bill 1 – The Maryland Healthy Working Families Act is on its way to Governor Hogan’s desk. Our state has the opportunity to protect Marylanders who face impossible choices between their health and their family, all because they aren’t able to earn a single paid sick day.

Advocates and legislators united on Lawyers Mall to celebrate the historic vote. Our fearless co-sponsors Senator Mac Middleton (Charles County) and Delegate Luke Clippinger graciously thanked all the advocates for our tireless efforts to pass HB 1. “The burden of illness should not be compounded by the burden of poverty,” said Delegate Clippinger. After years of debate and compromise, said Clippinger, HB1 is “common sense” and “ready to be signed into law. We call upon the Governor to sign this bill.”

Senator Middleton proudly exclaimed, “we’ve come a long way, baby!” and stated that HB 1 is “probably the most important piece of legislation [the legislature has] done this year.”



In order to make the Healthy Working Families Act the law of the land, Governor Hogan must allow the bill to become law. If he doesn’t, we’ll have to wait until next January for a veto override vote to take place. That’s 10 more months Maryland families will have to wait before they will have the security of earned paid sick days guaranteed by law.

Please contact Governor Hogan today and urge him to sign HB1 when it hits his desk, and tell your friends to do the same! The more people who make their voices heard, the closer we’ll be to ensuring earned paid sick days for Maryland families.

Call Governor Hogan: 410-974-3901

Email the Governor’s office: http://governor.maryland.gov/mail/default.asp

Sign the petition urging Governor Hogan to sign HB1: http://www.earnedsickdaysmd.org/?page_id=1146