Students, WIWFP win big in Milwaukee; statewide education elections

Wisconsin Working Families Party’s Marina Dimitrijevic with Tony Baez on election night.

Wisconsin Working Families swept the Milwaukee Board of School Directors election, beating candidates promoted by corporate operators and creating a pro-public education majority. WIWFP worked for months to create and elect a slate of public school champions –particularly activist Tony Baez — who will advocate for more resources for the school system and fight off unaccountable voucher expansion. Working Families also supported Tony Evers in his successful run for a third term as the state’s superintendent of public instruction. Education guru Diane Ravitch blogged about the wins, writing,”RESISTANCE! It works, especially at the ballot box.”

A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel analysis piece credits Wisconsin WFP for the strategy behind the wins and our long game. “The goal is to nurture farm teams of candidates who can advocate for public schools and other issues, such as increases to the minimum wage, and who can eventually challenge Republicans for state and national office. But the short-term impact may be most immediate in Milwaukee and Racine, where in just over a year, the boards that oversee the districts that collectively educate almost 100,000 students have shifted to include a majority of members aligned with the perspective of Working Families.”