Yes We Can Columbus joins WFP!

We are excited to announce that Yes We Can Columbus (YWCC) is now an affiliate of the Working Families Party. The Ohio based group is a progressive organization that is focused on moving their local government to equalize opportunities for all citizens in an effort to combat income and educational inequalities among the various neighborhoods of Columbus. Recognizing the worth of all of the city’s communities, their mission statement is one of inclusion, fairness, and opportunity — with working families at the forefront of their vision.

YWCC shares the core values of the Working Families Party. We believe that the government works for and is accountable to everyone despite our disparities, and work to insure that everyone is treated fairly and equitably based on our mutual connection as Americans. In an article from the Columbus Dispatch, YWCC spokeswoman, Madeline Stocker, states “joining WFP means we’re part of a bigger movement of progressives all around the nation who are ready to take the electoral process into our own hands and transform the nation, city by city, town by town, so that our economy and our democracy really work for all working families.”

The Working Families Party will support YWCC by backing Working Families Democrats who will advance our values and challenge corporate Democrats in primaries. Currently, YWCC is endorsing three progressive Democrats in their upcoming May 2 primary: Abby Vaile for the Columbus City Schools Board of Education and Will Petrik and Jasmine Ayres for the Columbus City Council. All three are working to rectify income inequality and its manifestations.

We welcome YWCC in becoming an affiliate of the Working Families Party to promote a progressive agenda across the nation.

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