Action: Tell New York Democrats to stop acting like Republicans

Read the following message that actor and activist Cynthia Nixon sent to Working Families Party supporters in New York:

Friend —

Hi, I’m Cynthia Nixon.

If you know me, you probably know at least a few things: I am an actor and an activist, a proud New Yorker, and a passionate advocate for public education and a state that works for ALL of us.

State Senate Republicans allied with Trump have been a major obstacle in the way of progress here in New York.

Here’s the good news: After a special election on Tuesday, Democrats now hold a numerical majority of 32 seats in New York’s State Senate!1 That should put them in control and allow our state to make critical progress in resisting Trump and enacting a progressive agenda. But…

Some senators elected as Democrats have allied themselves with Republicans. They call themselves the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), and thanks to their alliance, the Republicans unfairly control the State Senate.

What’s worse, IDC leader Senator Jeffrey Klein just said that “if I have anything to do with it, (Republican Leader) Flanagan is going to be the leader for a long, long time.”2

Trump’s administration is an imminent threat to our communities, our children, our health, and our values. We can’t afford to wait one minute longer for Democrats to start acting like Democrats.

Add your name to mine: Tell the IDC to end their alliance with Republicans in New York’s State Senate immediately.

This isn’t a new fight for me. For 15 years, I’ve been fighting for fairer and more equitable public schools — ever since my oldest child Sam entered kindergarten (Sam is now 20!).

But on public education and every other issue, Trump’s actions in the White House have raised the stakes for working families here in New York.

Trump’s health care plan and budget are cruel monstrosities engineered to harm the most vulnerable. On immigration, civil rights, mass incarceration, the climate crisis, affordable housing, and more, he’s taken direct aim at New Yorkers.

And these IDC senators — elected as Democrats — want to keep Trump Republicans in charge for a “long, long time”? That’s absolutely outrageous.

If Republicans here are going to act as Trump Republicans, we need progressive Democrats here who will stand up and RESIST — full stop.

Add your name to mine: Tell the IDC to end their alliance with Republicans in the State Senate immediately.

We the people sent them to Albany to be Democrats. It’s time for them to start acting that way.

Thank you,

Cynthia Nixon



1. Democrats Gain Majority in N.Y. State Senate, but GOP Still in ControlWall Street Journal, May 23, 2017

2. Independent Democratic Conference head plans to keep partnership with Senate GOP strongNY Daily News, May 22, 2017