Aetna’s Move to NYC is a Wake-Up Call

Working Families: Aetna’s Move to NYC is a Wake-Up Call – Connecticut Must Fairly Tax Our Wealthiest Residents and Invest in Our People and Cities

Our state can no longer be held hostage to false rhetoric as corporations like Aetna move to more progressive and vibrant urban spaces.

In response to Aetna’s confirmed move to New York City.

Carlos Moreno, Interim State Director of Connecticut Working Families:

“This should be a wake-up call for our Governor and our legislators: Aetna is not moving to a right-to-work corporate tax haven lacking benefits for workers. They are moving to a state with a higher marginal tax rate on millionaires, a state constitution that prohibits a reduction in public employee pension benefits, a $15 minimum wage, paid family and medical leave, more inclusive paid sick days, and tuition-free public college. Our state cannot continue to be held hostage to false rhetoric. It is time that Connecticut fairly taxes its wealthiest residents to invest in our people, our cities, infrastructure, and future and stop listening to the business lobby spin.”