Interview: Northern Nevada WFP Co-Chair on Health Care and Dean Heller

Republicans talk a good game in the news about repealing the Affordable Care Act, but some of them, like Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller, are too scared to even meet with their constituents.

When Northern Nevada Working Families Party members went to confront Sen. Heller, he didn’t want to talk to them. Check out what Autumn Zemke, co-chair of Northern Nevada Working Families Party in Carson City, had to tell Sarah Jaffe about fighting against the Affordable Care Act repeal in Nevada:

Sarah Jaffe: You visited [Nevada Republican] Sen. Dean Heller’s office about the health care bill over the weekend. Tell us about it.

Autumn Zemke: We were planning on doing a sit-in at the federal building in Reno but were only allowed to enter the building one person at a time. I went in with a group of three and we asked if we could go up together but were told: no, only one at a time. I said, “Well, what if we were men, lobbyists in nice suits? Then, would you say only one of us at a time?” The response from security was that they couldn’t answer my question. I was actually filming and was told that I was rude for trying to get an answer.

Heller really does limit access. He has had only one town hall in six years. He is not very interested in what we have to say here in Nevada.

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