It Takes A Pipeline… -Apply for Camp Maryland Today*

Whether we’re talking about DAPL or the School-to-Prison pipeline, it‘s going to take a network of trained and committed leaders working in our communities and in our government, to stop the Trump/Hogan corporate agenda.  We need your help in building our own Pipeline of Progressive Leaders here in Maryland.

Maryland Working Families is working to identify and recruit progressive leaders from across the state who want to hold our elected leaders accountable, run for office themselves, or organize their communities. The only qualifications needed are a passion for justice and a commitment to helping your community.

​We are currently recruiting for our Camp Maryland political training program to be held July 7-9 at Coppin State University in Baltimore, MD. This program is for people interested in learning how to successfully Run for Office,  Manage Political Campaigns, or Build a Progressive Movement in their community.

We have partnered with Wellstone Action to offer a customized version of Camp Wellstone-the preeminent progressive political training program in the nation. Participants will learn how to effectively harness the power of their community to build a strong campaign, develop a message that connects with voters and raise funds. The new Movement Organizing track is designed to help activists step up the resistance to the Trump/Hogan/GOP agenda and push progressive policies.

The cost of Camp Maryland has been discounted to $100 for the weekend. Click here for the Camp Maryland application.  
Please contact Brittny at with any questions or comments you have.