Big Wins You May Have Missed: WFP Local Victories in 2017

Trump’s presidency has sparked a massive grassroots resistance. But we’re not only fighting Trump — we’re also electing the next generation of progressive leaders in local races around the country.

When WFP-backed progressive Christine Pellegrino upset her Republican opponent in a special election for New York State Assembly this spring, WFP New York State Director Bill Lipton said it best:

“Bold populism that puts working families’ issues front and center — this is how we win in Trump country. This is the lesson for Democrats around the country.”

Over the last few months, the Working Families Party has put organizers on the ground to help win victories in local races across the country.

From the Trump-supporting suburbs of Long Island, NY to Jackson, MS, we’re already helping elect inspiring progressive leaders running on bold platforms of economic, social, and racial justice:

  • In Jackson, MS, WFP-endorsed Chokwe Antar Lumumba defeated the incumbent mayor on a platform of investing in education and reducing crime through community engagement.
  • In Hartford, CT, our own candidate, Joshua Hall, won a state house seat on the Connecticut WFP line, running on a platform of fighting for working families.
  • In Philadelphia, PA, WFP helped Larry Krasner — progressive civil rights lawyer who ran on an agenda that included halting the death penalty, banning stop-and-frisk, and ending bail policies that put people in jail for being poor — win his primary for district attorney.
  • And in Milwaukee, Wisconsin WFP helped lead a strong rejection of Trump’s pro-voucher, pro-charter education policies in school board races.
  • From Congress, to state legislators, to mayors and all the way on down the ballot, the Working Families Party is working to identify, train, and elect the next generation of progressive leaders.

Will you chip in to the Working Families Party to help support progressive candidates across America?