Oregon Becomes First State to Mandate Fair Work Week

On Thursday, June 29th 2017 the Fair Work Week Act passed on the Oregon House Floor. After passing the Senate last week, the bill will now go to the Governor to be signed into law. Oregon will pass the first state-wide predictable scheduling law in the nation!

This is a huge step in the right direction for workers across the state whose unreliable work schedules make it impossible for them to plan for childcare, pursue higher ed, or obtain a second part time job.

The bill, which affects workers in large retail, hospitality and food service companies, would require employers to provide schedules with two weeks notice, pay overtime for shifts scheduled with an insufficient amount of rest time between (closing at midnight and then opening at 6am anyone?), and protect employees from retaliation when requesting their schedules.

We are so grateful for the hard work of the campaign volunteers, labor unions incluing UFCW and PCUN, community groups and Legislators that partnered with us to make this legislation possible.

We hope this statewide bill sets a new trend in the country and that we get to see other states follow suit, too.

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