NYWFP 2017 Local Progressive Champions

We are proud to announce our 2017 Local Progressive Champions!

In 2013, we launched our Local Progressive Champions Project with a clear goal in mind: build a bench of progressive superstars all across New York State, working to achieve progressive policies at the local level, and positioned to run for higher office. In 2015, we named 111 Progressive Champions across the state — 71 of them went on to win election.

This year, we trained over 500 potential candidates for local office.

Our goal is to help elect working people with progressive values: teachers, activists, laborers, many of whom never considered themselves able to successfully run for office before because they lacked access to money and influence. We provide them with the tools, skill, and training needed to run for office and WIN.

Click here to view WFP’s Local Progressive Champions across New York state: 150 of the top rising stars in the progressive movement who are changing local politics as we know it.

Some of these Local Progressive Champions are first time candidates, while others are elected leaders with a track record of progressive achievement while in office.

In the era of Trump, electing strong progressives to local office has never been more important. Local elected leaders are the first line of defense against attacks on public education, environmental protections and immigrant families from the federal government.

Support these candidates by helping spread the word about their campaigns, volunteering, donating, and most importantly, voting for them!

Chip in to help us elect local progressive champions like these all across the state.

And check out our full list of 2017 endorsements in New York state here.