CT Working Families Applauds Governor Malloy’s Veto

In response to Governor Malloy’s veto of the Republican budget on Thursday, September 28th, 2017:

Carlos Moreno, Interim State Director, Connecticut Working Families:

“We applaud Governor Malloy for his swift veto of the Republican budget.”

“The Republican budget was nothing but a gimmick-laden trick intended to pull a fast one on everyday working people. It was a “trickle-down lite” plan which cut taxes for the rich while increasing taxes on low income and middle class folks. It’s clear that Republicans want everyone at the negotiating table – except rich folks. They’re untouchable.”

“It is time for the legislature to get back to work on a fair share, pro-growth budget. We need to help our schools and kids, not cut their opportunities. We need to expand education and job training programs, not hinder our future workforce. And we need to invest in our future by developing the vibrant urban centers that are the engine for growth in our nation today. To do that, it is long past time to ask the wealthy to pay their fair share. Connecticut’s workers have done more than enough.”