BREAKING: Trump is ending DACA. Here’s what we do now.

Today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced an end to DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) — stripping 800,000 immigrant youth of protective status.1

That means nearly a million of our neighbors, friends, and colleagues who came here as children, many who have only known the United States as home, will soon be forced to live in constant fear of being detained or deported.

Ending DACA hurts 800,000 young people and doesn’t help anyone. With today’s announcement, Trump is delivering for the most radical segments of his base — the white supremacists who are marching with torches and pushing for policies of exclusion.

We will not stand for this. We need to show a unified front against this assault on our communities.

Here’s how we are taking action today:

1. Right now, activists across the country are joining together for emergency rallies in support of our immigrant youth. Click here to find and attend an emergency rally in a city near you.

2. Congress returns from recess today. We are calling on them to immediately pass the Dream Act of 2017 in order to protect DACA recipients from detention and deportation. Click here to call your members of Congress now.

3. Trump’s cowardice — he didn’t even stand at the podium today — stands in stark contrast to the courage that Dreamers show today and every day. Help elevate the voices of immigrant youth by sharing their stories on social media today using the hashtags #DefendDACA and #HereToStay.

According to reports, the Trump administration will immediately stop accepting new applications for DACA protections, starting today. Then — if Congress doesn’t act — current DACA recipients will see their protections end when their current 2-year authorization expires. (If that date is before March 6th, they will have until October 5th to apply for one final renewal.)2

Trump’s moral depravity knows no bounds. He launched his campaign with overt appeals based in white supremacy and racism. He embraced white supremacists in Charlottesville. He pardoned racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who terrorized the Arizona Latino community for years.

Now he is eliminating DACA, subjecting 800,000 immigrant youth to racial profiling, detention, and deportation. There’s just no denying it any longer — this is government of, by, and for white supremacists.

When Trump first issued his vile Muslim ban in January, people of all races, religions, and nationalities turned out in force at airports to demand we let them in. We need to show the same mass outrage in solidarity with those under attack today.

Click here to find an emergency rally TODAY to #DefendDACA near you.

Then call your representatives in Congress to demand a clean Dream Act that will allow our immigrant youth to come out of the shadows and build their futures.

Details are still emerging on the exact manner in which the administration plans to implement this policy, and there are likely to be legal challenges and other updates in the future. If you or someone you know is a DACA recipient, click here for constantly updated FAQs, resources, and more information as it develops.

Because an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.