Big Election Night for Progressives in Albuquerque!

ALBUQUERQUE — The Working Families Party tonight celebrated the strong win of their endorsed progressive candidate for Albuquerque Mayor, Tim Keller. Keller won decisively in a seven-person race with 39 percent of vote. He faces Republican Dan Lewis in the November 14 run-off and New Mexico WFP will stand with Keller again and work hard to put him over the top.

NMWFP was also a key part of the coalition that pushed for Albuquerque’s new earned sick leave ordinance, which was narrowly defeated by fewer than 800 votes out of more than 93,000 votes cast. The new law would have guaranteed all Albuquerque workers at least five paid sick days per year to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Over the last week of the election, more than 50 Working Families Party volunteers knocked on more than 1000 doors, made hundreds of phone calls and texted 2,500 voters on behalf of endorsed candidates.

NMWFP-endorsed City Council candidate Javier Benavidez fought a hard battle against 20-year career politician Ken Sanchez and came in second, but narrowly missing a run-off election, with Sanchez clearing the 50% necessary to avert a runoff. An influx of more than $20,000 in out-of-state developer money attacking Benavidez made it difficult to secure a runoff despite his second place finish.

NMWFP was part of the Healthy Workforce coalition which worked to passed the earned sick days bill. Altogether, the coalition knocked on more than 87,000 doors, made more than 36,000 calls, and ran mail, digital, radio, and television ads to support the proposal. The opponents of the earned sick leave ordinance led by business and real estate interests used a series of misleading and fear-based ads to undermine the proposal.
In the mayoral and council race, NMWFP targeted 2,000 unlikely progressive voters with 1,000 door knocks, calls, and mail, along with literature drops to 1,000 voters on election day.

The New Mexico Working Families Party is a grassroots progressive political organization that fights for economic and racial justice and works to make government work for all working families, not just the wealthy and well-connected. New Mexico WFP, the state affiliate of the growing national Working Families Party, is helping to recruit, train and elect the next generation of progressive leaders across New Mexico.