We Beat Roy Moore!

No one thought it was possible, but it happened: We won. In Alabama.

Roy Moore and his horrifying record and abuse of women and girls was too much even in the deep red state of Alabama. And with Doug Jones soon to be a U.S. Senator, we’re now on the verge of killing Trump’s tax scam and closer than ever to winning back the Senate in 2018.

We’ve got to build on momentum from tonight’s historic win NOW. Can you chip in to take back Congress and defeat Trump’s extremist agenda?

Even before tonight’s shocking result, Trump’s tax cut was in trouble. It’s deeply unpopular because voters know that this bill would give billions to corporations and the wealthy on the backs of the poor and the sick.

Susan Collins of Maine has already said she might not vote for the bill the next time it comes up. Arizona’s Jeff Flake is another prime target who voted for the bill only after Republican leaders promised that they would take action to protect the Dreamers, which they haven’t.

Now, after Roy Moore’s defeat in Alabama, the Republican majority has been sliced to just one vote — threatening their entire agenda.

Starting right now, we’re doubling down in our effort to mobilize the grassroots pressure we need to build off of tonight’s win to defeat the Republican tax scam and take back Congress. Will you chip in today?

Of course, the only sure way to stop these kinds of tax giveaways from coming back is is to take back Congress.

The Republicans now just have a 51-49 majority in the Senate — which means we just need two more seats to flip to take control.

With Sen. Flake of Arizona retiring and Sen. Heller of Nevada deeply unpopular because of his vote for Trumpcare, we’ve got two great chances to pick up seats and replace Mitch McConnell as majority leader.

The Working Families Party is on the front lines against the Republican tax scam. We are working to support progressive candidates and make sure they can stand up and win against the big corporate money that we know will flood into the campaigns of the Republicans when they realize they could lose control.

Will you chip in to help take back Congress and stop the Republican tax scam?