“WFP is Transforming Southern Politics”

With major victories in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana, Working Families Party is helping to make the South into a hot bed of progressive politics.

Check out what the International Policy Digest has to say about WFP’s impact:

By connecting to voters and members of local communities through grassroots efforts, the WFP has produced three strong progressive candidates who now oversee the largest cities in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. Dan Cantor, the national director of WFP stated last spring that, “our nation will only change from the grassroots up.” This goes against the conventional wisdom of the Democratic Party leadership during the 2016 race which believed that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s national race would ‘trickle down ballot’ and help Democrats nationwide. Donna Brazile, a grassroots organizer herself, speaking about her new book Hacks appeared on “Morning Joe” earlier this month, criticizing that strategy. Brazile told host Joe Scarborough, “it’s coming from the bottom up, it’s not top down politics anymore, it’s bottom up.”

From the bottom up, the Working Families Party has been going into communities and fostering candidates who can directly speak to people in those communities and the issues that matter to them. From wages, crime, trash, gentrification, and rent, the WFP is organizing in the streets to change the culture in Southern cities.

Read the full article about our efforts to build progressive power in the South on International Policy Digest.