2018 Maryland Candidate Questionnaires Now Available

Maryland Working Families is committed to cultivating elected leaders who believe in a government that serves all of the people, not just the wealthy and powerful corporations. This belief is central to MDWF’s mission, as we seek to recenter our political parties and refocus policy debate around the issues that are central to working families: economic security, social justice and investing our tax dollars to strengthen our communities. Over the past four years, MDWF has recruited, trained and supported dozens of progressive leaders across the state.

In 2018,  hundreds of state and local seats up will be up and Maryland Working Families will be playing a leading role in electing progressive candidates to fill those seats!  A MDWF endorsement can mean widespread visibility, technical assistance, access to resources, volunteers or boots on the ground.

The 2018 Candidate Endorsement Questionnaires are now available for local and state office for those running in the June 26 primary elections:

2018 MDWF Questionnaire for Local /County candidates

2018 MDWF Questionnaire for State Legislative candidates

2018 MDWF Candidate Endorsement Guidelines