2018: The Year of the Working Woman

Across the country a discussion is taking place about how we value women in our society, especially in the workplace. The unexpected movement response to sexual harassment has been inspiring, but implications of how we treat women workers go far beyond #metoo.

Eighty percent of Maryland families depend on a woman’s wages, yet women are disproportionately harmed by employment policies that penalize low wage workers, caregivers and single-parents.  With the Maryland General Assembly kicking off today, we have high hopes that this could be a banner year for low-wage working women. The legislative agenda is packed with potentially transformative bills that could improve the lives of working women –and therefore working families– across the state.

2018 has the potential to be a transformative year for working families across Maryland, but only if the MD General Assembly will stand up to our out-of-touch Governor. With too many Maryland families struggling to survive, we need the Legislature to help families achieve economic security and tear down barriers to gainful employment for all Marylanders.

Families achieve stability when everyone can work, get a fair living wage, and keep their jobs while caring for their families in times of need. If our legislature makes this the year of the working women, we can stabilize Maryland families and lift all boats.

Over the next 90 days, we will push our leaders to reject Gov. Larry Hogan and Donald Trump’s failed trickle down economics and instead advocate for policies that percolate up: building from the bottom to ensure that every Marylander gets ahead. This year, let’s build a foundation for our state, starting with working women, that lift up Maryland’s working families.

Maryland Working Families’ “Working Women’s Agenda” for the Maryland Legislature in 2018:

  • Override the Governor’s veto on Paid Sick Leave to ensure workers don’t get fired when they, or a family member, get sick.
  • Tear down barriers to higher education by overriding Governor Hogan’s flawed veto on banning the box on higher education applications at public universities across Maryland.
  • Raise the statewide minimum wage to $15 so that all workers can meet basic needs of their families.
  • Pass fair scheduling legislation to ensure workers have predictable schedules that allow them to plan childcare, attend school, and keep kids safe.
  • Pass paid family medical leave for all Marylanders so that families facing serious health challenges can care for one another, bond with new babies, and be there when it matters most to their loved ones.

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