Get Ready to Resist in 2018

In 2017, we resisted Republican attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and countless moves to concentrate wealth at the very top. We made our voices heard and demanded our representatives stand with us.

Between now and November, we have the opportunity to hold our elected leaders accountable for their votes and set the stage for changing the balance of power in state legislatures and in Congress.

That’s why we are calling on you to support progressive policies in your state and call out politicians who vote against working families time and time again. Can we count on you to organize in your area?

Sign up to join our grassroots team organizing in 2018 to hold our representatives accountable to the people and not Wall Street billionaires.

We’re inspired by movements like the #ByeAnita grassroots campaign that removed Cook County Illinois Attorney General Anita Alvarez. Alvarez was notorious for her refusal to look into the deaths of Black people at the hands of law enforcement. What was so special about this campaign was that it was about more than just getting someone else in public office — people were moved to act on their values because they knew their vote was a part of making a greater change in their community.

Through a support network of activists, trainers, and organizers, you too will learn new tactics and strategies to run your own campaigns locally. Together, we’ll help shift support from politicians and policies we don’t want, to ones that we do.

We want to support you in making sure elected officials know that they must be willing do what’s right for #ForTheMany, not the 1%. Or they can find new jobs.

Will you join us?

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