New York Times: “WFP Starts Small but Thinks Big”

Last week, the New York Times featured a story about the New York WFP and the critical role we play in recruiting, training, and electing progressive candidates across New York state and around the country:

In taking a hyper-local view of politics, the party, which considers itself to be the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, is trying to lay the groundwork for bigger things. Party officials are focusing on small local races in the hopes of grooming politicians for more high-profile offices, like state legislator or a seat in Congress, while at the same time pushing the Democratic Party to the left.

The Working Families Party has gradually increased its presence across the state. This year it identified 148 contests as priority races, winning 109 of them. Two years earlier, the party prioritized 111 candidates, winning 71 of those races. Two years before that, it backed 38 candidates and 25 of them won.

The party, which is much smaller than the state Democratic Party and has far fewer resources, is not spending large amounts on television ads or mailings. Instead, it puts resources into coaching a candidate or training candidates or volunteers to use voter databases to pinpoint possible supporters.…

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Supporting and training candidates running for local office is a critical part of our mission to build progressive political power. That’s how the WFP, our allies, and supporters like you helped elect hundreds of Working Families Democrats to local office in 2017.

We’re grateful for your support and what we’ve been able to accomplish together — but there’s a lot more to do. Last year proved what can happen when progressives compete everywhere. And if we continue the momentum we built, we know we can elect progressives and take back the State Senate and Congress in 2018.

There is so much at stake this year — resisting the Trump-Republican agenda, funding for public education, health care for all, and responding to the Republican tax scam — that it’s more important than ever for us to continue our work of electing progressives who will stand up for New York’s working families.

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