Statement: House Overrides Governor Veto of Sick Leave, Ban-the-Box

Statement on House Overrides from Maryland Working Families Executive Director Charly Carter:

“Today, the Maryland House of Delegates voted to put Maryland’s working families first. We commend their choice to stand up to our out-of-touch Governor and to tear down barriers to employment for all Marylanders.

“We’re grateful the General Assembly recognizes that both sick leave and banning the box are common sense solutions that will allow more working families to reach full employment and stability. Our state is finally back on track, passing laws that work for families and not against them.

“Governor Hogan has shown that he is completely out of touch with working families across Maryland, and with reality. Like Donald Trump, he puts profit of corporations before the livelihoods of working men and women he was elected to serve, and his grandstanding on these issues is merely a show for the wealthy donors he serves. Gov. Hogan continues to show that protecting business is his top political priority, even if that means putting up impassable barriers to employment for Maryland families. This isn’t a partisan issue, but a human one.”

Maryland’s paid sick leave bill will require employers in the state with 15 or more full-time employees to provide up to five days of earned sick leave per year. The Maryland House also fulfilled its pledge to take up HB 694, which would ban criminal history questions on higher education applications for public colleges in Maryland.