WFP makes waves in NOLA

Read 50 States of Blue on how New Orleans WFP activists are “seizing on Louisiana’s changing political landscape”:

“Our work was centered on mobilizing people of color, progressives, and young voters. Normally, turnout dips from a primary to a general [election] in New Orleans, but this time turnout was up in the general, which helps demonstrate our plan was successful.”

The New Orleans WFP endorsed Cantrell, Nguyen, Banks, and Williams. Karlson believes their efforts played small but important roles in all four campaigns.

“We had some WFP folks helping out on phone banking from other states,” Karlson explains. “But, we also had a ground game that made a difference, particularly in Jay Banks’s race. I think we were the difference in that race. We were a quiet player that helped make a difference in some key races.”

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