2018 Working Families Organization Legislative Agenda

The Connecticut Working Families Organization released its 2018 legislative agenda, a series of concrete and common sense policy recommendations designed to spur economic growth by empowering workers, reducing inequality, and increasing regional competitiveness. 

Investing in Working Families – Connecticut’s working families represent the state’s most important opportunity to improve our economy.  We need to invest in working families with higher paying jobs with decent benefits and strong job security.

  • Pass a $15 minimum wage, and strengthen and defend existing living wage policies
  • Pass a comprehensive Paid Family and Medical Leave law with limited to no carve-outs
  • Pass Fair Work Week legislation ensuring predictable scheduling standards, enabling families a better opportunity to thrive
  • Pass Pay Equity legislation, closing the gender pay gap, which is simply unjustifiable

Prioritize racial equality and empowering marginalized communities – Working Families is strongly committed to protecting undocumented immigrant communities in CT.

  • Expand and pass a new CT TRUST Act that fully protects Connecticut’s undocumented communities and promotes a welcoming community for all
  • Promote and expand “Sanctuary City” initiatives, keeping our undocumented communities safe
  • Support initiatives that foster trust between law enforcement and local communities
  • Fight to pass a Clean Dream Act
  • Take real steps to tackle increasing maternal and infant mortality rates, especially in communities of color
  • Pass Institutional Aid bill, enabling equal access to student generated university aid

Protecting Workers’ Rights – The right to form a union is under attack around the country and in CT, and in our current political climate we expect further attacks on workers’ rights. Working Families will work to defend workers’ rights to form a union and defend workers from all attacks on the public sector.

  • Defend the fundamental right to organize and collectively bargain
  • Defend the right to form a union and support efforts to expand unions in new industry sectors
  • Oppose all “Right to Work” legislation
  • Protect workers’ rights in cities, like Hartford, under the authority of municipal oversight review boards

Fair Budget – The false promise of austerity has led to several tax increases on low to mid income families, lower taxes for wealthy residents, and widespread cuts to education, infrastructure and healthcare.  

  • Repeal the Bond Lock, which prevents the state from adequately funding infrastructure, health and education programs, setting Connecticut back decades
  • Protect Hartford, our Capital city, from bankruptcy, securing the health of our state and protecting our workers
  • Invest in 21st century, good public infrastructure for better roads, bridges, water systems, and energy to make our state competitive
  • Prioritize public investment over corporate giveaways and selling off public goods
  • Fight against backdoor tax increases aimed squarely at working and middle class families

Fighting for a Fair Economy – Connecticut’s economy is lopsided. We have bigger divides between rich and poor than anywhere else in the country, and the middle class is quickly joining the ranks of the working poor. Working Families will work to hold large, profitable corporations and hedge fund sector accountable to the public’s interest.

  • Close the carried interest tax loophole
  • Raise the income tax rate on those who earn $1M or more
  • Close corporate tax loopholes that enable tax avoidance
  • Levy a fee on large, low-wage employers who rely on state assistance to provide employee benefits
  • Support initiatives to narrow the economic inequality gap

Invest in public education – Healthy, well-funded public schools are essential to the growth of our workforce and economy, and towards ensuring that every student has an equal opportunity for a quality education regardless of race, ethnicity, income or place of residence.

  • Oppose the creation of local or state charter schools at the expense of public schools
  • Advocate for more equitable distribution of Education Cost Sharing funding to each school district, rather than allowing state budget proposals to pit cities and town against each other for resources

Criminal Justice and Prison Reform – Connecticut must continue instituting the successful prison reform efforts, which have helped reduce recidivism and economic instability, and made our communities safer.

  • Reform our bail system which punishes the poor, forces guilty pleas, and destabilizes families, disproportionately affecting Black and Brown communities
  • End the school to prison pipeline

Protecting our Democracy – The influence of big money in our politics is undermining to our democracy.

  • Reverse the recent cutbacks in the Citizen’s Election Program
  • Fight back against any attacks on voter registration