Dems Shoot Themselves in Foot with Sick Leave Delay

Maryland Working Families: Democrats Are Shooting Themselves in the Foot with Paid Sick Leave Attack

“Today the Maryland Senate voted to deny hard working Marylanders 2 1/2 days of paid sick leave and delay the enforcement of a state sick leave law taking effect February 11. With this attack, legislative leaders are putting the demands of the business lobby above the needs of workers, costing low-wage workers across Maryland at least 1,000,000 sick days in total.

“Make no mistake: Democrats who vote to delay paid sick leave may be shooting themselves in the foot — they will be driving the very voters this kind of legislation inspires out of the process altogether. This is an assault on working families orchestrated by the same big corporations who have been against reform from the beginning. These corporations would rather force families to choose between losing wages and abandoning a sick kid at home than give blue collar workers the same respect and dignity as their white collar colleagues.  

“Maryland’s working families have struggled for too long, and waited for too long, to allow any more attacks in the implementation of paid sick leave. Maryland businesses have had nearly a year to prepare for this moment, and any objections now are nothing more than another attack on workers. These political games are exactly why we are struggling to keep voters of color and working families across Maryland engaged in the political process, because these cynical votes make the system seem rigged for the big business and the wealthy.  

“We urge every member of the Maryland General Assembly who stands with working families to vote against any and all delays to implementation of paid sick leave.”