MLK County WFP Victories in 2017

The MLK Jr. Local Branch of the WFP, based in King County Washington, had some big wins in their first-ever election cycle. Though the county includes Seattle, the new local branch decided to prioritize some of the smaller cities in South King County. This is a suburban area that has a diverse population of working people, but is often represented at the local level by white, Trump-loving conservatives. The MLKWFP backed candidates in the cities of Burien, Tukwila and SeaTac in South KingCounty.

In Burien, the WFP-backed slate won.  Our candidates, a slate of immigrants, union organizers and progressive activists — Pedro OlguinJimmy Matta and Krystal Marx — all won.

In Tukwila, WFP-endorsed candidate Zak Idan, a Somali refugee and leader of an immigrants rights advocacy organization, won a seat on the City Council. Ubah Aden, a Muslim Somali and founding member of the WFP local branch, lost a close school board race.

In SeaTac, WFP-endorsed candidate and labor candidate Shaunie Wheeler also fell short of victory, but built a lasting organizing presence that will pay off in the years to come.

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