UPDATE: NYWFP is taking on the IDC

The Working Families Party is proud to announce our next wave of endorsements for New York State Senate today: FOUR more courageous progressives who are taking on members of the turncoat Independent Democratic Conference.

The Trump Democrats of the IDC have enabled Republican control of the state senate for years. We can’t wait to get to work defeating them and electing Working Families Democrats like these challengers in their place — but we’re going to need your help to do it.

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Breaking: We're taking on the IDC

We are proud to endorse these seven progressives who have had enough of New York’s Trump Democrats and are standing up in their districts to take on IDC incumbents:

  • Born to Colombian immigrants, Jessica Ramos is a mom, renter, and lifelong straphanger who has spent her working life in public service and is known for her years of work in the labor movement and community organizing. She’s running against Sen. Jose Peralta in the 13th Senate District in Queens.
  • Alessandra Biaggi, a native of Pelham, has been an outspoken champion for women’s rights and has worked to empower women in politics her entire working life. She just launched a primary challenge to IDC Leader Sen. Jeff Klein in the 34rd Senate District in the Bronx and Westchester.
  • Rachel May has dedicated her life to education, serving as a teacher and college professor at Syracuse University, and has been a grassroots activist fighting for education, the arts, and the environment for decades. Now she’s challenging IDC Sen. David Valesky in the 53rd Senate District in Central New York.
  • A Brooklyn native, son of immigrants, and community activist, Zellnor Myrie is committed to giving back to the community that raised him and passionate about fighting for affordable housing, public education, immigrant rights and more. He’s challenging IDC Senator Jesse Hamilton in Brooklyn’s 20th District.
  • Robert Jackson is a former New York City Councilmember and progressive champion who once walked 150 miles to Albany and helped win a landmark court judgment in the fight for fair funding of our public schools. He is taking on IDC Senator Marisol Alcantara in the 31st District in Upper Manhattan and the Upper West Side.
  • John Duane is a former State Assemblymember, former Assistant Attorney General, and a community advocate in Queens who has taken on big business and fought on behalf of seniors and working families his entire career. He’s challenging IDC Senator Tony Avella in the 11th District in Queens.
  • Jasmine Robinson, a community activist and lifelong resident of Staten Island, is running to bring a progressive voice to under-represented communities in her district. She’s taking on IDC Senator Diane Savino in the 23rd District.

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For seven straight years, the members of the IDC have aligned themselves with Republicans.

That alliance has blocked fair funding for public schools, efforts to strengthen our rent laws, single payer healthcare and so much more — and working families across New York have paid the price.

But IDC Leader Jeff Klein has vowed that “if I have anything to do with it, [GOP Majority Leader] John Flanagan is going to be the leader for a long, long time,”1

Well, not if WE have anything to do with it.

We’ll be working tirelessly to defeat these Trump Democrats, elect Working Families Democrats, and win a progressive majority in the State Senate — so we can make New York a state that works for all of us by demanding the wealthy pay their fair share, protecting our rights, expanding health care, improving public education, fighting climate change, reforming the criminal justice system, strengthening our democracy, boosting affordable housing, fixing our public transit system, and more.

But the IDC and their Republican allies are going to spend massive amounts and throw everything they’ve got at our movement. It’s going to take a groundswell of support from the grassroots to make this happen.

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