BREAKING: The IDC is dissolving

Some huge news:

After seven years of propping up Republican leadership in New York’s State Senate, Senator Jeff Klein and the Trump Democrats of the Independent Democratic Conference reportedly agreed this morning to dissolve as a conference and reunite with the Senate Democrats.1

This is big news and it’s because of you. Working Families Party members have been exposing the IDC for the scam that it is. And together with our WFP-endorsed challengers, we built strong campaigns that have the IDC running scared. So now, after seven years of standing with the Republicans, they’re backing down.

But we can’t let up now. What we need is a state legislature where progressives are the majority — people who will fight for what’s right all the time, not just when their hands are forced.

That’s why we need to win two special elections at the end of this month, why we need to win primary challenges to IDC members, and why we need to elect progressive majorities in both the State Senate and Congress come November.

If you’re in, chip in $7 right now to show the IDC we’re standing strong behind our primary challengers who made this all happen.

In late 2012, the WFP was part of an all-out effort that won a 33 seat majority for the Democratic-Working Families coalition. A few months later, the IDC voted to make a Republican, Dean Skelos, the Senate Majority Leader.

Since then, we’ve had six straight years of IDC-Republican control of the Senate. That’s six budgets where thousands were held unjustly in pre-trial confinement, nearly a hundred thousand units of affordable housing were lost, and millions of kids attended underfunded schools. Critical legislation to protect immigrants, fight climate change, advance women’s equality and more was stalled.

New Yorkers deserve better. That’s why we need to redouble our efforts to elect progressives up and down the ballot and win a durable Democratic-Working Families majority in the State Senate. But we’re going to need a massive wave of grassroots support to make this happen.

Are you in? Then chip in $7 right now to show the IDC we stand strong behind these courageous challengers and help us elect candidates across New York state who stand unequivocally with working families.


Team WFP

P.S. In just three weeks, voters in the 37th Senate District will head to the polls for a special election that could decide the balance of power in the State Senate. WFP members in Westchester are going all out to help elect Shelley Mayer, who has been a stalwart ally in the Assembly and fought for working families her entire career. RSVP on Facebook if you can help get out the vote at one of the three upcoming Sundays of Action and help WFP elect Shelley Mayer to the State Senate on April 24th!


1. Democrats in New York State Senate Appear Set to ReconcileNew York Times, April 4, 2018