Goodbye, Paul Ryan. Hello, Randy Bryce.

HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Paul Ryan just announced that he is dropping out of his race against WFP’s Randy Bryce and will RETIRE as Speaker of the House in November!

It’s incredible: Just the threat of facing off against Randy Bryce, the WFP member who the Wisconsin Working Families Party helped recruit to run last year, has scared Paul Ryan out of Congress and out of the Speaker’s chair.

Our chances of taking back the House and electing progressive champions like Randy “Ironstache” Bryce to Congress just skyrocketed — so we’re doubling down. Will you chip in to help finish the job this November?

If Paul Ryan thought he had any chance of getting reelected and keeping his speakership, he wouldn’t be giving up — and everyone knows it.

That’s why his retirement today is such a massive political earthquake. People are already talking about a new wave of retirements among Republican members of Congress who also see the writing on the wall.

They all know what we’ve been saying for months: Voters have rejected Paul Ryan’s agenda of slashing healthcare and programs for working families in order to give massive tax giveaways to the 1%.

So here’s what we are going to do now:

  • Support courageous progressive candidates across the country so that we elect a Congress that is led by champions of working people,
  • Grow the Working Families Party here in Wisconsin and in states and communities across the country so we can organize working people and recruit and support more candidates like Randy,
  • Build an army of grassroots volunteers to get out the vote and carry our candidates into office in November.

We just repealed Paul Ryan, Sara. Now we need to replace him by doubling down on our work to defeat his entire Republican majority.

Will you chip in to help us take back Congress with the progressive wave we need to stand up to Trump?

In solidarity,

Marina Dimitrijevic
State Director, Wisconsin Working Families Party