Stacey Abrams wins Georgia Primary!

We did it!

Moments ago, working families in Georgia helped Stacey Abrams win the Democratic nomination for hovernor. And if we can do it again and elect her in November, she’ll become the first Black woman governor in U.S. history.

Our path to making history in November starts here. Can you rush a $5 contribution right now to elect Stacey Abrams as the nation’s first Black woman governor? The attack ads are going to start right away, and we must be prepared to fight back.

For years and years on end, too many in the corporate Democratic establishment have ignored voters in states like Georgia. “It’s unwinnable!” they say. And as a result, they focus elsewhere, and ignore millions of progressive voters in red states every year. But we’re here to change that trend and prove the establishment wrong.

This victory proves that if we present a bold, progressive vision for the future, working families show up to support it. But it also means the Republican machine will take notice of our insurgent movement. And with that attention will come an endless flood of cash from billionaires like the Koch brothers to try and defeat Abrams.

Working Families Party organizers and volunteer activists have contacted over 200,000 Georgia voters via text, phone, and on the doors so far, playing a pivotal role in winning the primary. But in order to build a lasting volunteer program to help Stacey Abrams go toe-to-toe with the full force of GOP’s super PACs and make history in November, we’re going to need to raise a lot more.

Chip in $5. Help us rapidly scale up our work in Georgia and build out a winning strategy for the November election.

I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done so far. Together, we’re going to make history in the general election, keep building the Working Families Party, and elect more and more progressives all over the country.