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ICE is a rogue agency that is separating families and throwing babies and children into internment camps. They must be abolished! Sign the petition »


WFP joined activists in Tornillo, Texas today to protest ICE’s inhumane treatment of immigrants. Here is a reportback from WFP National Organizing Director Nelini Stamp:

As I protested in Tornillo, Texas this week against the government’s horrific deportation practices, I wondered how we got to this dark point in our nation’s history. While undocumented immigrants have always had to fear deportation in this country, it wasn’t until the creation of ICE in 2003 that we had a dedicated force of agents tasked with the sole purpose of detaining, deporting, and terrorizing immigrants.1

In practice, this has resulted in huge swaths of immigrants being swept up in raids and ripped from their families. And it’s not happening just at the border — it’s happening all across the country: people rounded up at their place of work. U.S. citizens born to immigrants are forced to either grow up without parents, or risk their lives by returning to a country they’ve never known. And victims of domestic violence and crime are often too afraid to seek help because it could lead to their deportation.2

And now we watch in horror as more than 2,000 children are ripped from their parent’s arms and forced into internment camps — with no plan to reunite these families. ICE is terrorizing immigrant communities. They must be stopped.

This is no time for half-measures. WFP-endorsed candidates Randy Bryce and Cynthia Nixon have all called for abolishing ICE because they have the courage to stand by their principles and present a clear, moral vision, even when it’s deemed taboo by the political establishment. Rep. Mark Pocan just introduced legislation to Abolish ICE as well. And we’re recruiting dozens more candidates who believe — like we do — in ending this barbarity. That’s why we’re asking you:

Will you add your name to our petition today and join the chorus of progressive champions in demanding that ICE be abolished?

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ICE has grown more and more cruel over the years. And they’re deporting an ever-increasing number of women, children, and asylum seekers. They must be stopped. And frankly, status quo politicians simply aren’t capable of getting the job done.

That’s why Working Families party has endorsed candidates all across the country — candidates who understand, like we do, that this current policy is merely a way to criminalize migration. To persecute, prosecute, and punish communities of color. And to instill fear in those who are merely seeking a better, safer life for their families.

The institution responsible for this barbarity must be stopped no matter what. But to make that a reality, we need to make our voices heard, and support politicians who are going against the establishment and calling for ICE to be abolished. That’s where you come in.

Sign our petition today: ICE’s monstrous practices have gone unchecked for far too long. They must be abolished.

We need to put an end to ICE’s 15-year-long reign of terror against communities of color. And simply scolding them isn’t going to cut it. ICE must be abolished. And I hope you’ll join us in trying to achieve that.

In solidarity,

Nelini Stamp
Working Families Party


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