VICTORY! Ben Jealous wins primary for MD Governor

Ben Jealous won his primary for Maryland Governor. Maryland Working Families played a major part in the victory — running a major voter outreach program to get voters to the polls and help Jealous win.

Here’s why WFP is so excited about Ben:

Few gubernatorial candidates in Maryland or nationally have gone as deep as Jealous has with his run. His campaign, with strong backing from Sanders, the Working Families Party, and unions representing teachers and nurses, has issued detailed position papers outlining progressive policies on health care, education, and building a 21st-century economy. It has highlighted specific agenda items such as raising wages to $15 an hour, legalizing marijuana, and “fighting concentrated poverty.” It has been especially serious about climate change and developing a clean-energy jobs, winning endorsements from Bill McKibben,, and Friends of the Earth Action. And it has invited voters into serious conversations about criminal-justice reform and urban renewal.

Voters were impressed. In a nine-way contest that pitted him against several prominent Democrats with longer histories in electoral politics, Jealous finished with 40 percent of the vote. That put him 11 points ahead of the next-closest contender, Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker, a favorite of the party establishment who ran with the backing of former governor Martin O’Malley and most of the state’s prominent Democratic elected officials.

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