WFP wins big in New Mexico

New Mexico WFP and allies turned the state upside down by ousting the legislature’s worst Democrat, Rep. Debbie Rodella, and electing WFP-recruited progressive champion Susan Herrera:

“That term ‘progressive’ is subject to interpretation,” said Eric Griego, executive director of the New Mexico Working Families Party, a group that supported progressive Democratic candidates this year. “Everyone in the Democratic Party wants to call themselves a progressive.”

But this year, members of the left wing of the Democratic Party have made it clear what “progressive” does not mean. They went after moderate or conservative members of their party in some of the most explosive races anywhere in the state.

Griego argued that the Democrats could hold a majority in the House, as they do now, but that it would not necessarily mean the party could advance legislative priorities.

“It’s not enough to have a ‘D’ by your name,” Griego said.

Griego’s group targeted Rodella because it viewed her as leaning too far right, from supporting legislation that would cap interest rates on small loans at 185 percent when progressives wanted a 36 percent limit to voting to restrict late-term abortions.

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