Tell Congress: Join the Medicare for All caucus!

Seventy members of Congress just founded the first-ever “Medicare for All” caucus in the U.S House of Representatives.1

Up until relatively recently, anyone who called for Medicare for All was laughed out of the room in D.C. Now, thanks to you, that landscape has changed.

Not only is Medicare for All more popular than ever before — with more than 75% of Democratic voters supporting it.2 But we’re now pushing the political establishment into action, with a majority of House Democrats and 2020 presidential frontrunners supporting the idea that health care should be a right for all Americans. That’s unprecedented.

And do you want to know how it happened? It happened because you demanded it.

You’ve shown up at the ballot box, on the phone lines, and in the streets. You’ve chipped in with your time and your money to back candidates who support Medicare for All. Now that hard work is paying off — and our movement is growing stronger than it has ever been. Let’s keep it going.

Add your name today: I call on my representative in Congress to join the Medicare for All caucus.

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For decades, a select handful of wealthy CEOs and corporations have earned a fortune off of the sickness and suffering of working families. Then, they’ve taken that limitless wealth and spent it on political bribery — paying politicians in exchange for favors down the road. The end result is a broken, cripplingly expensive health care system that doesn’t change, and a political system unwilling to change it.

That’s our biggest obstacle.

Even though there is now record-high support for Medicare for All, we need to keep going.We need to send such a powerful message to our elected officials that they realize NOT supporting the legislation could cause them to lose their next election.

You can send that message today. Add your name here and call on your representative in Congress to join the new Medicare for All caucus.

The truth is, this battle will be far from easy. The insurance and pharmaceutical companies will stop at nothing to maintain their grip on Congress. But 2018 can be our year. The Working Families Party’s exciting slate of hundreds of progressive candidates is ready to take on any big-money challenge they face. And we can do it because we have YOU.

Thank you for joining us in this fight.



1. 70 Democrats Sign On to New ‘Medicare for All’ House Caucus, The Daily Beast, July 19, 2018

2. The next big thing for Democrats: Medicare for all, Washington Post, April 19, 2018