Ady Barkan’s creative idea to stop Kavanaugh’s nomination

Our friend Ady Barkan, the courageous activist who is simultaneously fighting ALS and the Trump Administration, has a creative idea to stop Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. Read below to learn how you can help:

I want to try a different tactic. We know that money works to convince politicians to do things. Clearly calls, and emails and visits are not working on Senator Susan Collins. In fact, when I visited the Senate last to demand they vote against Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Brett Kavanaugh, I was arrested.

So what if we tried a new tactic — like kickstarter. What if we pledge $20.20 to fund her future opponent IF she votes for Kavanaugh — like reverse bribery?

Will you pledge $20.20 now? You will ONLY be charged if Susan Collins votes for the Supreme Court Pick.

Kavanaugh is a right-wing extremist who has challenged the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act and wants to eliminate health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. For me, that means I’ll die sooner, and leave massive medical bills for my wife and son.

If we don’t take action now — if we don’t speak out back against his nomination with an unequivocal voice and demand that our Senators do the same — Kavanaugh will be sitting on the Supreme Court before this year is over.

I may be losing my voice, but I can still send a message, and I have one for Susan Collins, one of the key Senators we need to flip to stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed:

If you vote for Kavanaugh, we will fund your future opponent for 2020.

Can you pledge $20.20 to support this fund? Your card would only be charged if Senator Collins votes to confirm Kavanaugh.

This is a crucial moment for our movement. Since they arrested me when I tried to share my story in the Senate, this is the only way I can think to reach them now. I hope you’ll join us.

— Ady Barkan

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