Introducing Working Families Party Nominee Amanda La Bell!

On Friday, August 24th, Amanda La Bell filed to run for State Representative in House District 54 on the Working Families Party ballot line.

La Bell, a registered Democrat, is prevented from seeking the Democratic party line by Democratic nominee Nathan Boddie. Boddie’s candidacy, following his Primary victory, lost support from community leaders, groups, and the Democratic Party following ugly and credible accusations of sexual harassment and impropriety. Nonetheless, he has refused to withdraw from the race. Democratic leaders from across the District and State have now rallied behind La Bell’s courageous decision to run as a Working Families Democrat, celebrating the opportunity to vote for someone who represents their values this November.

“Like many in our community, I was shocked to learn of Nathan Boddie’s inappropriate behavior and language toward women, young people, and members of our LGBTQ+ community. Moreover, his response is not what we expect from our elected leaders.

That left us, the voters, with an impossible choice: a Democrat who is not fit for elected office or a Republican who has never been a champion for working families. That’s why I’ve stepped up to run. Bend voters deserve a real choice for State Representative.” – Amanda La Bell

Despite her late entry, La Bell joins the race with major endorsements, including Senator Jeff Merkley, Governor Kate Brown, Governor Barbara Roberts, Bend City Councilor Barb Campbell, Bend City Council candidate (and former House District 54 candidate) Gena Goodman-Campbell, Bend community leader Greg Delgado, Mother PAC, Oregon Women’s Investment PAC, United Food & Commercial Workers Local 555, Teamsters Local 206, The Vocal Seniority, and more.

Amanda La Bell is the Founder and Executive Director of the Rebecca Foundation, a national nonprofit dedicated to supplying reusable cloth diapers to families in need. The Rebecca Foundation has local chapters across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, including the Bend Diaper Bank. La Bell’s platform for the District focuses on empowering working families by championing healthcare for all, addressing Bend’s affordable housing crisis, and protecting and preserving Bend’s quality of life.

The Working Families Party is a national political party that qualified as a minor party in Oregon in 2006.  It then worked to legalize fusion voting in the State, which allows minor parties to cross-nominate major party candidates who will fight for working families. In rare cases, the Oregon Working Families Party runs candidates on their own party line when neither of the major party candidates reflect working families’ values.

Support WFP candidate Amanda La Bell’s bid for HD 54 HERE.