Sign if you agree: Andrew Cuomo should return Trump donations

With Michael Cohen pleading guilty to violating federal campaign finance law by making illegal hush money payments during the 2016 election, Donald Trump has been implicated directly for the first time in the festering corruption scandal engulfing his administration.

Trump’s White House is corrupt, broken, and morally bankrupt. Now he’s an unindicted co-conspirator in a federal crime — with the full extent of his corruption still far from revealed.

But, even after all of this, Andrew Cuomo yesterday AGAIN refused to return the $64,000 in campaign contributions he has taken from Trump. At this point, given the accumulation of Trump’s racist, misogynist, corrupt words and actions, it’s almost unthinkable.

Add your name now to join thousands of New Yorkers in telling Governor Andrew Cuomo to immediately return every penny of Trump’s tainted money.

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Why did Andrew Cuomo accept tens of thousands of dollars from Trump in the first place? It’s a good question, and you’d have to ask him.

But we do know one thing for sure. Cuomo has built a $30 million campaign warchest almost entirely from big donors like this — including $87,000 from the Koch brothers and millions from Wall Street bankers, hedge fund billionaires, CEOs and corporate lobbyists, and NYC real estate titans just like Trump.

In return, here’s what those donors get: A governor who makes sure the New York state Senate stays under Republican control, makes sure progressive priorities that threaten their bottom lines like single-payer don’t pass, and — maybe most importantly — makes sure notto raise taxes on them and their wealthy friends to pay for things like fair funding for schools and transit.

It’s the Republican playbook for campaigning. It’s corrupt. And it’s time for it to come to end.

Sign here to join thousands of New Yorkers in telling Andrew Cuomo to return every penny of Trump’s tainted money.

With your signature, and your support, we can keep the pressure on Cuomo to stand with working families not billionaires — and then hold him accountable at the polls by electing Cynthia Nixon, Jumaane Williams, and a wave of progressives in the Democratic Primary in New York on Thursday, September 13th.