Victory in St. Louis County!

This is incredible!

You helped elect Wesley Bell — a reform candidate who has promised to end cash bail for low-level offenses, expand the county’s drug courts and diversion programs, and not pursue the death penalty by a huge margin!

But that’s not all, because with this victory, you also helped defeat a 28-year incumbent prosecutor in St. Louis County, the same prosecutor who let the cop who murdered Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO off scot-free.

And it’s in no small part to people like you and the countless volunteers who knocked on doors, phone banked, and texted voters, and of course, voted for Wesley Bell at the polls.

We’d also like to thank our allies in the fight, MoveOn, DFA, and the multitude of activists and local organizations for making this victory possible.

Upon his historic upset, Wesley said, “I don’t believe in campaign promises. I believe in promises. So when we say we are going to expand diversionary programs, it’s going to happen. When we say we are going to reform the cash bail program, it’s going to happen.”1

And it’s going to happen because of you.


1. St. Louis ousts prosecutor who didn’t get charges against cop who killed Michael Brown, Vox, August 8, 2018