Colorado Working Families Party announces new additions to its board

The Colorado Working Families Party is proud to announce the newest grassroots members of its State Committe (members are elected by Congressional districts):  Dr. Timothy E. Tyler (CD1), Morgan Watters (CD1), Steve Mendoza (CD1), Raffi Mercuri (CD2), Laurie Roberts (CD3), Kenneth Schauer (CD5), Katrice L Traylor (CD6), Howard Chou (CD6), Joseph Salazar (CD7), John Ford (CD7), and Amalthea Aelwyn (CD7). COWFP also welcomes the Denver Democratic Socialists of America as the newest organizational member of the state committee.  [A full list of State Committee members is below.] The COWFP’s State Committee sets policy for the organization and endorses candidates for public office.

COWFP’s new State Committee members represent a range of constituencies across the state standing up for the progressive policies Colorado working families need. The new strength added to the CO Working Families Party board will help elevate issues that matter to working families such like expanding healthcare access, protecting the rights and wages of workers, shielding immigrant families from ICE, and ensuring all children have access to quality public education.

“These additions to our governing body represent a new class of leaders who will help us create progressive change across Colorado.” said Carlos Valverde, state director of the Colorado Working Families Party. “We’re excited to have members who represent a diverse range of identities and political concerns, and can help us build strategically to ensure the needs of working families are prioritized and uplifted by lawmakers.”

The board will offer guidance and support as the Colorado Working Families Party provides people power to endorsed candidates and on legislative campaigns. With new voices, the Colorado WFP is expanding its ability to move both progressive candidates and policies forward.

  • Dr. Timothy Tyler is the pastor of Shorter AME church and is a distinguished social justice advocate. Dr. Tyler has organized and facilitated several community events designed to bring awareness to the pervasive spread of homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, and gentrification.
  • Morgan Watters worked as a field organizer and campaign manager for a number of years before taking charge of the Salazar AG race, which, while unsuccessful, effectively proved that progressives can run strong, competitive statewide races even when they are outspent 10-to-1. Morgan is best known for the zeal they bring to politics and an unwavering dedication to progressive values.
  • Steve Mendoza is a public school teacher and the son of immigrants who has worked on progressive campaigns and ballot initiatives. Steve is a progressive who is committed to improving the economic prospects of the working class and addressing our deep-rooted and interconnected problems.
  • Raffi Mercuri most recently was the field director for the Salazar AG campaign. Raffi served as an educator for a couple of years before jumping into politics, inspired to address the issues he saw while teaching. Raffi is passionate about building a more economically, racially, and linguistically inclusive government.
  • Laurie Roberts is a mother and a wife who is devoted to her children and any human who has felt disenfranchised and oppressed. She has stood up to police oppression as a grad student at Berkeley and devoted her career to working with disabled children and providing a voice to the voiceless. Laurie has given countless hours to many progressive organizations but played an instrumental role in launching COWFP.
  • Kenneth Schauer is a labor rights activist, father, husband, electrician, and veteran working in El Paso County. Kenneth serves as the president of the Colorado Springs Area Labor Council.
  • Katrice L. Traylor spent years helping those with challenged credit to  obtain a vehicle. She played a major role in the Aurora School Board races, and continues to be active in progressive politics in Aurora with OUR Revolution and Indivisible, as well as COWFP.
  • Howard Chou is a first generation immigrant from Shanghai. He is a part of the Asian American Pacific Islander Initiative of Colorado Democrats, and co-chair of DemEnterCO, and is affiliated with other progressive organizations in the state, including COWFP. Howard’s goals include seeing progressive policies enacted in a way that benefits all of us, restoring humanity in our political sphere, and building a government that is more representative of the population.
  • Rep. Joseph Salazar is a progressive champion who was endorsed by Senator Bernie Sanders in his races for attorney general and the Colorado House of Representatives. He’s spent years as a civil rights attorney and in the state legislature. He aims to help COWFP by building coalitions and power with communities all over the state.
  • John Ford is president of the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA) and has been an educator for close to 25 years. He believes that the corporate influence in our elections has tainted the electorate and continues to threaten us all with the corporate stranglehold on our lives. He hopes to use his role in COWFP to advance our shared vision of a just economy that works for all.
  • Amalthea Aelwyn was part of the early development of the Poor People’s Campaign in Colorado and has held multiple leadership positions within progressive organizations such as and Food and Water Watch. Amalthea would like to see Colorado move towards and embrace a public banking option, universal health care, and a public matching of political donations.

The full membership of the Colorado Working Families Party State Committee currently includes:

Organizational members: Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition Action Fund; Colorado People’s Action; Denver DSA; Denver Area Labor Federation; SEIU Local 105; and United for a New Economy Action.

Individual members: Amalthea Aelwyn (alternate); Cleo Dioletis (alternate); Dana Manning (alternate); Dawn DiPrince (member); Debbie Olander (member); Emily Hiltz (member); Geof Cahoon (member); Gia Irlando (member); Howard Chou (member); Jeri Shepherd (member); Rep. Joe Salazar (member); John Ford (member); Josette Jaramillo (member); Julia Morrison (member); Katrice Traylor (member); Keara Fenzel (member); Kenneth Schauer (member); Kiera Hatton (member); Kim Netherton (member); Kristin Mallory (member); Laurie Roberts (member); Lyn Gullete (member); Michele Fry (member); Miguel Ceballos (alternate)*; Mike McCorkle (member); Morgan Watters (alternate); Rachael Smallwood (member); Raffi Mercuri (member); Rev. Timothy Tyler (member); Sam Coodley (member)*; Skip Madsen (alternate); Steve Mendoza (alternate); Suzie Brundage (member); and Terry Tucker (alternate). (*temporarily on leave from State Committee work, due to running for office or being out of state)