Making progressive change in Texas

Congress may have its own priorities when it comes to what’s best for Texas, but we know that having strong progressive candidates on our side makes all the difference when it comes to making change that affects working families. That’s why the Working Families Party is proud to support Ana-Maria Ramos, Julia Johnson, and Fred Taylor.

Can you chip in $5 to help elect working families Democrats to the Texas House of Representatives?

Ana-Maria Ramos (HD 102 – Dallas-Fort Worth) is a teacher, a family law attorney, and mother running to unseat Republican incumbent Linda Koop.

Julia Johnson (HD 115 – Dallas-Fort Worth) is an insurgent candidate running against Republican incumbent Matt Rinaldi.

Both women are progressive leaders and will help move issues like raising the minimum wage, supporting public education, and gun safety in the House.

Fred Taylor is running to unseat 24-year Republican incumbent Allen Owens as mayor of Missouri City in Fort Bend County. If elected, he will work to protect the Muslim community and create policies to put teeth in laws that are on the books but are rarely enforced.

These are candidates who are brave enough to stand up to politics as usual and do what’s best for everyone in Texas, not just big business. We’ll need your help as Working Families Party supports their campaigns, mobilizing volunteers to put boots on the ground to educate voters.

Challenging Republicans and electing progressive Democrats is what we do but it takes political smarts, and money too.

Click here to support real progressive candidates as we work to take back the House.

In solidarity —

Jorge Contreras,
Texas Working Families Party