Oregon Working Families Party 2018 Platform

→ A Democracy that Works for the 99%
We vigorously fight any efforts to suppress voters. We must eliminate the ability of wealthy donors and corporations to buy politicians and protect the integrity of our voting system from all threats, foreign and domestic.

→ Building Worker Power
We demand fair rules and legislation that strengthen unions and create fair working conditions for everyone. We encourage all workers to form or join unions and bargain collectively to determine their terms and conditions of employment. We must restore the right to strike.

→ Health Care for Everyone
Health care and quality housing are human rights. Society has an obligation to be certain that everyone has a decent place to live, access to health care, and clean air, clean water, and a healthy climate free from pollution. It’s long past time for us to join the rest of the world by establishing improved and expanded Medicare for all.Everybody in, nobody out.

→ Quality, Free Education
Quality education is the backbone of any society. We must make public pre-K- 12 a priority again and eliminate schemes that siphon public funds from the public system. Higher education, including trade schools, public colleges, and universities must all be tuition free.

→ Fixing our Broken Criminal Justice System
We demand an end to mass incarceration and the for-profit prison system. We must end forced arbitration schemes used to shield the abuse of corporations. We oppose minimum sentencing requirements that have resulted in the world’s largest prison population.

→ Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Our party stands for fair comprehensive immigration reform that realigns legal immigration standards to reflect today’s conditions, a system not based on race. The two decades old experiment called ICE has failed; it’s time to eliminate ICE.

→ Creating a State Bank
We don’t need billionaire bankers. We need a state bank to support small businesses and family farms and keep Oregon’s money in Oregon.

→ Fair Trade, Fair Economy
We need trade rules that build strong economies among all trading partners, that enable enforcement of domestic labor and environmental laws, and that regulate and tax global capital. We fight for a just transition away from the global fossil fuel economy that guarantees working families sustainable livelihoods for generations to come.

→ Tax the Rich
It’s high time that wealthy individuals and corporations pay their fair share of taxes. Their greed impacts every aspect of our lives. We must reestablish the tax rates of the 1950’s and 60’s when our country built a strong middle class and the infrastructure necessary for a strong economy. The Oregon Working Families Party will leave no one behind.